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I got diagnosed with AC 5/2019. I am a 44 year old married woman.  I recently got a blood test to confirm that I am menopausal.  I am not happy with this news and dealing with the wreckage of post treatment.  But I am extremely grateful to be alive and healthy,  don't get me wrong. This has be extremely hard.  I feel like shit, emotionally. I went to my gyno to help with this problem and she asked me if my cancer was from hormones,  I said no. So she agreed to put me on Estradiol.  I was expecting to be on it a couple decades until I recently went to a follow up oncologist visit.  I told him that I had started HRT. He is not a fan and told me that it increases the risk of breast cancer.  Not sure if it is because I had cancer or just in general.  I'm really confused and depressed. I don't know what to do. Anyone that has been there done that? Any suggestions? My sister told me about the biodentical pellets. Not sure if they are safer? My oncologist didn't know alot about synthetic vs bioidentical.  He looked it up on the internet which only said the body can't tell the difference.  This is causing me major anxiety. 

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I am way past menopause...took estrogen for ten years and then stopped...the pelvic radiation pretty much destroyed my vaginal canal....I've been using estradiol in very limited application to help control the urinary tract infections that may accompany this treatment! Will probably stop soon and just go with the "Uricalm" tablets. I think you can risk a bit of HRT to help with the menopause, and of course make sure you get your mammogram checkups. HUGS
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I am sorry you are facing this now!
I'm sure it's more of a concern, if breast cancer runs in your family at all.
I think in general we are more prone to cancers, in general, because our bodies have had the max, however, hormonal driven cancer may have a different category.
I was done with menopause at 40; so by the time it was confirmed with the blood test, I had already had my last period (on my 40th birthday:P) but, from that point on, I felt gradually better.
I would check with all of your doctors; and any alternatives, I'd definitely let them know.
I went to a meeting before covid, from a naturopathic cancer physician, who doesn't reject/but enhances medical cancer treatment, and she had some alternative ideas for menopause. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying enough attention (30 years post menopause), but I did appreciate her knowledge.
I hope our peers have some good feedback as usual.
I was post menopausal at 38 from chemo at age 31-32. I did not do HRT. Normally, I like being a lab rat and helping the future. Evidently there’s a Brca warning with HRT to everyone and not only ca survivors. I don’t think HRT has been in use long enough for us to know of long term side effects. My late Mother cut out a magazine article for me years ago regarding chemo and menopause. The good news was that we go through it faster than others. BTW, I was told by a gynecologist who I no longer visit that if I did not take HRT, I’d look like 60 when I was 50! I’m now 62 and I look 62, no more, no less which is fine with me. He also mentioned something about the hirsuities which never happened either. Blessings on your decision.
I would go to a naturopath dr. And ask them for the current research on estradiol and breast cancer. Then go bavk to the other dr. And ask him for CURRENT research that supports his position. There has been a lot of information in the past 15 years that changed the facts on estrogen and cancer. Make sure it is bio identical and not pharma estrogen. I have been on the patch for 15 years
Get a hold of Suzanne Sommers book about her breast cancer experience. She talks,at length, about Bioidentical hormones. While she lets the experts "talk",she offets her--and other women's, experiences.
I read it (recommended by my sister) after surgery to remove microcalcifications (After ONE year on HRT, after hysterectomy/
The book is extremely informative, and hilarious!
Carol P.
My wife went through it 38 from radiation and than the surgery that removed her ovaries and uterus and cancer. I think she only takes estrogen.
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